About Hybreed

Hybreed is a design & development agency specialized
in web- and mobile-friendly platforms.

We’re on a quest to create world domination! good design!

Who are we

Designers, Engineers, Nerds-
In the simplest terms, Hybreed is a product design company. Our team is a mix of product designers who can talk metrics, engineers who understand alignments and entrepreneurs who believe in collaboration & just want to get things done.

What we do

We help companies design incredible digital products (things like desktop software, mobile apps, etc), websites and integrated services. While our team of designers and researchers have the capability to take on just about anything you throw at us.

Our approach

Our team possesses the unique ability to see the big picture while being able to dive into the code to make things pixel perfect. We ask questions, roll up our sleeves, and make things happen!

Working with HYBREED unlocks more value
than just Great Code or Beautiful Design.

We’re proud of our work we’re able to accomplish, and much of the credit goes to our amazing team and unique culture.
Along with our values, our culture helps us come together to overcome problems and achieve great things.

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    We fight to protect our customer's interests. Our fresh and unbiased approach helps businesses achieve greater value from their digital marketing efforts, builds trust and brings growth to businesses and independent professionals.

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    This is our core asset as a company. We don’t play around with the professional level we provide to our customers. Our role is to set a high industry standard, based on data and a professional improvement mindset.

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    We make it our business to advise and guide you through every step of the process, bringing new ideas into play wherever we can to make sure every last drop of functionality and creativity is squeezed out.

How we approach all collaborations

Hybreed constantly communicates through shared spaces, such as Slack. Our aim is always to be as transparent as possible with the people we work with. It’s through traits like this we form such positive collaborations.

Your wellbeing comes first. This goes for everyone including those we collaborate with. We all must do what we can to alleviate burnout, through better planning, shifting resources, whatever it takes. Nothing good came from “the crunch” and if we had a motto it might be something like "Work smart, Be supportive".

Our Process

We are not a mass market; discounted
agency, race-to-the-bottom rates aren’t our
jam. So if you’re looking for a cheap, short-term
dev or designer to work for you, we’re probably
not the service for that. But if you’re in the market
for best-in-class talent and services, let’s talk!

Hybreed process
01 Ask

Asking questions to our clients gives us an clearer idea of who their target market is and what kind of design they’re used to looking at. We believe in aligning our thoughts and setting expectations before we jump in.

02 Ideate

In the Ideation stage, the aim is to research & generate a large quantity of ideas — ideas that potentially inspire newer, better ideas — which the team can then filter and narrow down into the best, most practical, or most innovative ones. We firmly believe a product created without any research fails to meet your business or user requirements.

03 Strategize

Backed by our research & analysis we form a strategy that meets your requirements. We strategize to achieve a perfect balance between our recommendations and your expectations.

04 Design

We understand by giving users visual context and a clear understanding of how things function we can ensure a great usability.

Therefore, to test our designs, we create interact-able realistic-looking prototypes that serve 3 purposes:

  • Let developers know how things should interact;

  • Get User validation on navigation;

  • Get User validation on the final look.

We understand the good parts, the shortcomings and refine those for achieving excellence.

05 Develop

We know, development isn't peanuts, specially on complex products with multiple developers enrolled; for us relying on a strict process has proven itself as the key to success, ensuring on-time deliveries and high quality, well crafted websites and web apps.

Its about time we launch the product and collectively be proud.

06 Support

Most of the clients we started with are still with us. And that’s because we’re serious about our long-term commitment to them, and we share their goals.

Giving a prompt support is our priority.

All great things happen in HYBREED,
just because of great people here!

Our node structure is not built on job titles or roles but on influence, allowing us to move great ideas
forward fast and execute them quickly.Our work can be challenging at times, but we strive to support
each other and create an atmosphere that’s creative, respectful, and fun!

Ajit R.G., hybreeder, hybreed

Ajit (ARG)


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Project Manager

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UI Designer

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SEO Consultant

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UI Developer

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UI Designer

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